Here at digital ellanky, we are official partner of blueticks corpo training private limited. And you get trained by certified google’s digital unlocked trainers of india.There are only few certified trainers here in india. And you get trained by expert consultants in the city.

Today digital marketing is an absolute boon for students. Surely, students 1st job and career prospects are the key driver for his/ her consideration for a professional course. Among several choices in the Industry, Digital marketing is probably the best choice for the both short term and long term prospects. This is not only for kind of salary or role offered in digital marketing industry but also for the level of job satisfaction in digital marketing.

According to world economic forum statistics based on work-life balance rating, out of top 25 jobs, there are 9 jobs which include digital marketing related jobs. Adding to this currently, IT industry is facing such a recession where nearly some lakhs of jobs are at stake. This has already impacted the campus recruitment in several colleges.

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This is such a field that even a newbie might defeat an experienced one, only if he can think out of the box. Digital Marketing is such field that even if every industry is in recession digital marketing will have its nominal operation at least because they have to invest on digital marketing in order to get possible projects from the market. Only things that limit about digital marketing is creativity and knowledge. We are here to give our enormous knowledge on digital marketing.

Digital Ellanky has a varied approach, our training starts with making all our students to understand the business. We have some outraged curriculum which is targeted to get some good job from MNC’s. We also provide you placement assistance. We have a kind of training where, if you give your efforts during training either you would place in a good company or you start your own online business. Our training best suits for entrepreneurs too.

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